From the Window to the GroundHe Only Made Matters Worse


MIC Worldwide was asked to determine the circumstances to an accident suffered by a claimant while on vacation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to the claimant, he was assaulted while at a bar.


Investigators interviewed witnesses and employees at the bar, finding the claimant’s story to be completely false.

The claimant had opened a tab at the bar and consumed a large amount of alcohol, however did not have the funds to pay for what was consumed.

The bar manager agreed to accompany the claimant back to his hotel at closing time to retrieve the funds. While waiting, the claimant requested to use the bathroom, which was located on the third floor of the bar. The claimant then climbed out an open window on the third floor and attempted to jump to a balcony facing the window.

The claimant missed the balcony, hitting a first-floor awning, and landed in the construction site adjacent to the bar where he was found by a construction worker the following morning.


The client avoided paying the hospital bill for a fraudulent claim, saving their company thousands of dollars in unqualified expenses.


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