Hand in the Cookie JarStealing From Your Own Company


A major international pharmaceutical company suffered a break-in and theft of twenty computers containing confidential client lists and intellectual property important to the company’s continued success.


The break-in occurred through the roof of the secured server room which housed the storage unit into which the facility’s security cameras fed their images, and which was also removed. A full investigation was undertaken and MIC investigators quickly determined that the break-in could not have occurred without inside information.

Interviews of all employees identified a member of the sales team who admitted during questioning to having provided information to his brother-in-law regarding the layout and contents of the facility.


Coordination with local law enforcement resulted in a search warrant being executed at the brother-in-law’s residence where the stolen merchandises was recovered.

A subsequent review of the security camera feeds revealed that the sales team member was an active participant, along with his brother-in-law, in the theft of the computers.

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