Kickbacks Cause for SuspicionDon't Try to Be Sneaky, MIC Will Discover Your Secret


A manufacturer of auto parts received an anonymous letter claiming that one of their employees had received a large amount of money in kickbacks from company suppliers in the past several months.


According to the letter, the employee kept the money in a safe in his apartment.

MIC Worldwide conducted a full background and lifestyle check of the employee, with no evidence of fraud uncovered. Investigators also spoke with company suppliers, however they were unwilling to provide any information.

Notwithstanding, the detail of the anonymous letter led investigators to believe that the accusations were valid. With little information to go on, investigators decided to question the employee. Using a series of interviewing techniques, investigators led the employee to assume that they were in possession of evidence related to the fraud.


The employee ultimately admitted to having received a large amount of money in kickbacks from two particular suppliers.

The employee further offered to return 100% of the funds in exchange for not being criminally prosecuted.

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